The radio-amateur antennas made by AFT (formerly Antennes Tonna, later Tonna Electronique division Antennes) are the result of more than 50 years of passion and experiments. Way back in 1946, Marc Tonna, F9FT, later co-founder of the company "Antennes Tonna", revisited the design described by the Japanese searchers Yagi and Uda in 1926, and brought to it the improvements that made his antennas famous among the radio-amateurs, as well as in the field of the then uprising commercial TV.

Our antenna lines cover the following bands :

  • 6 meter band (50 to 51 MHz)
  • 2 meter band (144 to 146 MHz)
  • 70 centimeter band (430 to 440 MHz)
  • 23 centimeter band (1240 to 1300 MHz)
  • 13 centimeter band (2300 to 2450 MHz)

They are matched to the various traffic modes used by radio-amateurs.

  • Long distance telegraphy (DX CW)
  • Long distance telephony (DX SSB)
  • Short distance, relay, repeaters (FM)
  • Amateur television (ATV), using AM, FM, or digital techniques.
  • Communication through satellites devoted to radio amateur activity (OSCAR, RS, etc.)
  • Communication through reflection off the Moon (EME) and on ionized meteor trails (MS).
  • Digital data transmission of Packet type (PSK) or any other type.
  • Any kind of experiment involving new techniques needing radio transmissions.

Our antennas are all fitted with weatherproof type "N" 50 W coaxial connectors, unless otherwise specified.

AFT proposes three antenna styles :

  • Traditional Yagi antennas, from 4 to 55 elements.
  • Pro XL Yagi antennas: all metal professional manufacturing, for the exacting amateur.
  • Patch antennas (series "Flat line"), low profile and small sizes, wherever installation limitations, environmental constraints, etc. are the rule.

Apart from the antennas, AFT also proposes accessories making easy the use of the antennas.

  • Power splitters (to phase in 2 or 4 identical antennas) .
  • Stacking frame for a quad assembly of 4 antennas (only for 70 and 23 cm).
  • Light alloy telescopic mast, for temporary use ("portable").
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